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Are you planning to open a New Yoga Studio?

Or Maybe you've recently started one?

If you are new to running a yoga studio and want to start out in the right direction, this class is for you. Frequently I speak to studio owners who face problems like these:

  • Feeling like they're running non-stop all day and can barely keep up with all that needs to be done.

  • Not paying themselves as much as they should (or need) because they need the money to pay studio bills.

  • Knowing they have a great studio, but not knowing how to get people to come to it.

  • Feeling frustrated because people who were students simply don't come back

  • Being awake at 3:00 AM , worrying about all the things they need to do to keep the studio running.

  • Dealing with "challenging" teachers and staff.

These are all understandable. Most studio owners are well versed in the art of yoga, but they taught little (if any) about running a business when we got our teacher certification.

It is much harder to change the way a studio is run than it is to start it out right in the first place!

Just as you wouldn't expect a student to get a new asana right without guidance from a teacher, why should you be expected to know how to do things like marketing, finances and management without guidance?

Maybe people have told you a bit here and there about these things, but you know there must be more, that there must be a big picture to tie all the pieces together.

I'm gussing you're reading this because you do want to do what it takes to get your studio started out on the right track. If you truly:

  • Want to have a studio that has classes that are mostly full

  • Wish to be earning enough money that you take home a comfortable paycheck each month (and don't really need to stress about your studio's revenue)

  • Want to be in a place where you have enough time to regularly do your own yoga practice

  • Are interested in being able to attract new students who will be grateful you introduced them to your studio

  • Would like to not feel stressed about your studio

  • Want to feel confident dealing with teachers and staff

  • Learn how to earn additional money by renting out studio space when it's not being used

  • Feel like you have a handle on managing your studio's finances


...then you are in the right place, so please keep reading. There is one thing I've found very interesting in working with as many studio owners I have.


"Why do some studios have full classes day after day while others are barely scraping by?"

It's true! Some studios regularly have profits of $10-$20,000 a month (and I'm not talking about the corporate mega-studios with multiple locations). Oddly enough, I've come across studios that don't necessarily have the best teachers or the newest facilities, yet still do well financially AND provide a space where people really enjoy being.

If you pay close attention to what I'm about to reveal, I know you'll understand why.

There's a myth in business that says "If you build it, they will come." What if you are the best teacher in the world, but no one knows that you exist, or don't understand how your studio can benefit them? No one will come to you. But it doesn't end here.

Even if you bring lots of people into your studio, if the business isn't managed well, all the money you make can easily be spent. Running a successful studio is a combination of specific concrete skills.

Just as yoga consists of movement, breath and mental focus, business consists of multiple parts that must all work together. Just as there are very specific ways to practice yoga (and many poor ways to do it), there are specific methods to running the business side of your studio successfully.

If you're an experienced teacher, you can look at a student's pose, and in seconds, tell them how to correct it. But to someone without a high level of expertise, the pose might look just fine. Business is the same way.

By knowing certain keys to how a successful business operates, you can easily identify problems. Without this knowledge it might not run smoothly, but it's not at all obvious why.

Running a business is just like baking a cake. If you have flour, sugar, butter, and eggs, you can potentially make the world's best cake. But if you don't know the right amounts or the order they go in the bowl, how good is your cake going to be? It's the same with running a yoga studio.

There are key elements that are essential to business success. But if you do them out of order (teaching a class before you put the floor in), or in the wrong amounts (painting the walls a fourth time instead of advertising for your grand opening in two weeks - yes, that really happened!), you're business is not going to have long-term, sustainable success.

So, what are the key points? Well, it's not just a single key point - it's several. And successful studio owners are just doing what other yoga studio owners simply aren't.

  • They have a vision for their yoga studio AND a clear, practical plan for turning that vision into a reality

  • They know how to manage their time , including knowing how and when to delegate or put off tasks

  • They know how to advertise and market in a way that brings in plenty of students

  • They have a good handle on finances , knowing how much they made in past months as well as how much they need to make in coming months in order to pay all the bills, pay themselves, and have a certain amount left over

  • They have developed key business strategies and day-to-day actions that drive their studio toward success

  • They know additional ways to generate extra monthly income with little extra work.

  • They know how to confidently and effectively select teachers , motivate them and even deal with problems with teachers and staff.

  • They know that regular contribution and giving is essential to the success of any business.

But these key points don't do much unless you know how to implement them. How can you structure your business? How can you lead a team when you can't afford to even hire teachers? How can you do advertising when you barely have money to get the doors open?


And how can you master these skills in a fast, practical way?

You need to accelerate your studio's growth today.



New Studio Owner's
Path To Success Program

The New Studio Owner's Path To Success Program is about mastering the key points above and strategies you need to run a successful yoga studio in a practical and enjoyable way.

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Listen to the experience of yoga studio owners who have taken this class:

Mary Ella Jones
Bikram Yoga Grosse Pointe

Click "Play" to listen.

Marietta Pucillo
Yama Yoga Studio

Click "Play" to listen.

Karen Guzak
Yoga Circle Studio

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Andrea Matros
Living Yoga

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Chris Blades
Charm City Yoga

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The program is made up of eight steps that are learned and applied over the eight sessions of the course. You will:

  • Create and clarify a vision and plan for your studio both today and in the future.

  • Learn strategies for bringing in and retaining new students

  • Create concrete methods for getting people who have never considered yoga before to become dedicated students

  • Implement low-effort techniques for generating more profits without spending more time and money

  • Learn practical methods for reducing your workload (without losing money)

  • Connect with a community of other yoga studio owners who face similar challenges and share ideas with them

  • Tackle financial matters with more confidence

  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having an organized studio that generates income

  • Find confidence in working with teachers and staff


What can I expect from the program?

Do you have a clear vision of what you want your studio to be like 5 years from now? How about 3 year or 1 year? I don't just mean the same old routine. I mean a growing, thriving business. One where you get to do more of what you really enjoy every day.

Running a business without a long-term plan is like driving across the country without a map. You might eventually get there, but you'll spend lots of time getting lost and asking directions.

Wouldn't it be great if you had a map you could follow? Imagine having a plan for what you need to do to keep your studio making money and serving people in the way you want to. A plan that will guide you day after day. In this program, you will create such a plan just for your studio.

Can you see other businesses and professionals regularly sending students and clients to you? In this course, you will learn concrete techniques for achieving this and more.

Have you wanted to effectively use the internet for marketing? Many people search for a local studio on the internet before even looking in the phone book. Will they find your web site easily, and feel like your studio is where they want to go? We will be covering the keys to having an effective web site without needing to be a computer guru.

Will your teachers actively get new students for you? In this course, you will learn strategies for getting your teachers to regularly bring in new students (and be happy about it!)

Will people who are taking yoga at gym or YMCA have good reasons to come to your studio instead? Learn how to show them the benefits.

Existing students are one of your best ways to get new students. Generate more referrals.

Most studios find that newspaper advertising doesn't work, but there are a few that use it successfully. You will learn what their strategy is.

Imagine having a carefully structured plan for advertising and marketing. One where you knew that for every dollar you spent on advertising, you were making more than a dollar in revenue. By the end of this program, you will have a real marketing plan for your studio.

Avoid getting stuck in a financial crisis, wondering how you're going to pay the bills. Many studios face this at some point, for others it can be an ongoing issue. Did you know that often a studio can predict and avoid these situations in advance? You'll learn how.

You will also learn to determine just how many students and clients you need each month, and be better able to decide what to do when these numbers are low.

Ever notice how some teachers have pretty full classes, while others' classes are less than half full? What makes the difference? You'll learn how to identify and hire the teachers who really pack the room.

Let's face it, all studios have teacher "challenges" at times. There are some constructive ways of dealing with teacher issues, and some that.well, let's just say they're not very effective. We'll discuss strategies for working with teacher (and other staff) problems, as well as knowing when (and how) to let someone go.

Your teachers are the essence of your studio. Providing a place where they love to teach, and to just "be," is crucial. How do you make your teachers feel your studio is a place where they really belong? We'll cover techniques for giving your studio that feel - making your studio feel like a place both teachers and students want to be, even after class is over.


Who exactly is the New Studio Owner's Path To Success Program for?

It's for people who are ready to take a step forward and get their studio going on the right track.

It is for studios that are just starting out, but also for studios that have been in business for years. I'm confident that studio owners of all levels will find real value in what I cover.

It's for studio owners who place a high value on developing the business side of running a studio. They know there's a right way to do it and are determined to learn how.

People who believe that taking care of themselves is just as important as taking care of their business for lasting health. They are not willing to run ragged until they drop. They want their studio to run smoothly and consistently.

Yoga studio owners who are proactive, willing to try something new, and who are excellence-oriented.

People who have a higher standard for themselves, are willing to continue to learn, realize they don't have to know all the answers, and ready to work as part of a team (not a one-person show).

It's for those who want to know more about what it takes to be a success so they can have a greater impact on the world.

If you feel that the yoga you teach is making the world a better place by assisting people to reach their potential, bring more life balance and clarity, decreasing stress and tension, and bringing more fulfillment and happiness, then you are ready for this program.


How does the Studio Owner's Path To Success Program work?

There is no need to travel anywhere! You can participate from your studio, your home, or anyplace you like!

Once a week for eight weeks, you will join other participants on a 70 minute teleclass conference call. All you need is a telephone. Though it is over the phone, the feel of the teleclass is very much like a live class in many ways.

You will have the chance to ask questions, share ideas and discuss relevant topics. You will get practical weekly assignments for making your studio all it can be as well as detailed written outlines of each class.

Each session will include a 65 minute presentation on the week's topic, as well as a chance for you to ask specific questions and get coaching on them.

In addition, every other week, you will participate in a "mastermind" conference call with owners of other studios. It will be an opportunity for you to exchange ideas and solutions with others who are walking the same path.

By the end of the eight weeks, you will have concrete techniques and methods implemented into your studio plan, and a supportive and proactive resource group of other studio owners to get help when you need it.

All tele-seminar sessions will be recorded, so if you miss a session, you'll be able to listen to them online and get the missed homework action steps. In fact, some participants choose to simply listen to the recorded classes rather than participate in the live sessions.

A comprehensive workbook is included with the program. After each class, the relevant section of the workbook is placed online for you to download. It outlines each lesson, as well as having homework assignments and other useful information.

An online discussion group forum is also provided for all participants. It is a place online where you can ask questions and share ideas with me, as well as other studio owners.


What makes the Studio Owner's Path To Success Program different than the rest of the business help out there?

There is no other program that gives you what the Studio Owner's Path To Success Program does .

  • Other programs are generic for many small businesses. This program is specifically designed for yoga studio owners.

  • Other programs are method-oriented, whereas this program is results-oriented, and it really works.

  • In this program, you will create a lasting support group of other studio owners across the country.

  • This program is not just about good information, but how to learn and apply the strategies for lasting success

  • You can purchase the best books and tapes on running a yoga business, but you can't ask a book a question.

  • Tele-conference technology gives this program an incredibly easy and convenient way to participate with people from around the country.

  • Includes an unconditional happiness guarantee.

Ok, that's about it. Hopefully you get the idea of what this program can do for your studio. How much more could you earn per month by implementing just a couple of these techniques?

I'm confident that you will earn more in just one month from implementing a few of the techniques that we cover than the cost of the entire program. Thus, I hope you'll see the cost of this program as an investment - something you'll get back many times over - and not as an expense.

In order to make the program available to virtually any studio owner who needs it, the entire 8 weeks costs only $297. If you like the sound of it, please join us! Here's how:


The Next Studio Owner's Path To Success Program

The dates for the next Path to Success Program are:

Wednesdays: April 4, 11, 18, 25, May 2, 9, 16, 23

Every Path To Success Program tele-session is held at 1:00 pm Pacific Time (4:00 pm Eastern time). For all other zones, check the World Clock .

Check your calendar and verify that these dates work for you. Each call is recorded and made available online following the session. Nevertheless, you will get more out of it if you actually participate in the call live. It has a very different "feel" to it than hearing just a recorded session (not to mention you'll get to ask questions and participate in the discussions). However, if you do miss a call, you may simply listen to it later.


What exactly will happen when you enroll for the Studio Owner's Path To Success Program?


When the program begins, I (Coach Al) will be personally leading the classes and working with you through the entire program. I promise to keep it fun, interactive and applicable to your business every step of the way.


Reserve your space now

The New Studio Owner's Path To Success Program is now open for enrollment.

The tuition for the Studio Owner's Path To Success Program as a weekend workshop is $459.

Through teleconference technology, we're able to able to offer it for only $297 (works out to about $35 per session).



Click here to reserve your space now

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and you will be taken to the order page.)

The Studio Owner's Path to Success Program is an eight-session online tele-seminar program over eight weeks: Wednesdays: April 4, 11, 18, 25, May 2, 9, 16, 23. I've checked my calendar and those dates work for me.

Guarantee: I understand the program comes with a full money-back guarantee and that I can receive a full refund if after attending all the sessions and completing the assigned work between the sessions I am not satisfied. I also understand I may cancel my reservation minus a $50 administrative fee prior to the first class date.



Questions about the Studio Owner's Path To Success Program

Q - Do I need anything special to fully participate in the Studio Owner's Path To Success Program?

A - You'll need a telephone for the sessions and a computer for the homework. The workbook will be in pdf format and easy to download. you can download and listen to the tele-session on your computer.

Q - What are the prerequisites for the Path To Success Program?

A - None, but I highly recommend the Super Studios Manual . This manual gives you background on the top studios across the country and techniques they used to get there. In addition, you will receive a recommended reading booklist that will help you run your studio business.

Q - What sort of guarantee comes with this program?

A - Like all Centered Business products and programs, we have our 'Unconditional Happiness Guarantee'. For the Path To Success Program, it works this way: Attend all sessions of the Studio Owner's Path To Success Program and complete all the assigned work between the calls. If you feel that the program is not worth much more than what you paid, you may request a full refund.

Q. What is your refund policy if I need to drop out before it begins?

A. Send me an email up to the day before the Path To Success Program begins and the tuition fees will be refunded to you (minus a $50 administrative fee).

Q - Can I still listen to the recorded sessions after the program ends?

A - Yes, the Path To Success Program web site page will be available to you for four weeks after the class ends. This means you can go back and listen to the previous sessions, download the workbook, and use the resources on the page as often as you need to at no extra cost.

Q - What if I have had a yoga studio for years? Can I still benefit from this program?

A - Absolutely. The material covered is every bit as relevant for an established studio as it is for a new studio.

Q - Is there support I can get after the program ends?

A - Yes, if you decide to pursue it. I encourage participants to take part in the support forum online, connect with smaller groups on a regular basis after the program, create live mastermind groups, or hire a business coach to keep your momentum going and set yourself up to succeed.

If you have any other questions, please contact me.

Thank you, and I look forward to working with you in the next New Studio Owner's Path To Success Program.

All the best,

Coach Al Lipper