This website is no longer maintained (but it still has good stuff on it).

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I no longer work privately with yoga studio and wellness center owners. While this website hasn't been updated for a number of years, much of the info on it is still very useful to studio owners, so I'm keeping it online. I just wanted you to be aware that while most of the details apply as much today as they did 5 or 10 years ago that some of it is dated.

In any case, best of luck to you.

-- Al Lipper




About Al Lipper

Helping Entrepreneurs to Succeed

Al Lipper specializes in working with entrepreneurs to increase profits while at the same time structuring their business so they have time for those things that truly matter most in their lives. Things like family and relationships.

Al started doing business consulting specializing in yoga studios and wellness centers and created this website in the process, though it is no longer maintained as he doesn't speciailize in the area anymore.

If you are looking for Al's current consulting practice for Entrepreneurs, please CLICK HERE.

As his own business became successful online, his focus shifted to working with businesses largely in an online capacity. Not he more broadly helps entrepreneurs maximize profits using online business, automation and improved monitzation strategy.

Al Lipper is a graduate of Occidental College (where he studied computer science and psychology), and holds graduate degrees from Cal Poly (Education) and ITP (Psychology).

He has founded a number of technology-oriented companies over the years, including an international engineering company which he sold in 2005.  His current primary venture is Supercharged Science, an online educational publishing company, where he is Director & CEO.  One of his primary goals in business these days is to create online businesses that maximize automation and outsourcing, require very little core staff, and which can be operated from anywhere.

Al also provides private consulting to a small number of entrepreneurial clients who he helps to not only increase business profits, but also to simplify their lives so they are less stressed and have more time for family.

However, Al's true passion is for helping people live happier and more successful lives.  He currently provides private consulting to a small number of entrepreneurial clients.  He taught at Cal Poly University for five years, has been a facilitator of leadership training workshops, is a public speaker and continues to mentor students and new entrepreneurs in business.   He specializes in online business, innovative marketing strategies and the psychology of human behavior.   Al is a CIE Founder's Circle member and volunteers his time as a mentor. 

He lives in San Luis Obispo with his amazing wife Aurora and their four children.  Activities include hiking, running, flying airplanes and striving to make the world a better place.