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Yoga Studio Business Plan Model- Super Studios Manual

What is the fastest way to build a thriving yoga studio?

Get inside the minds of people like you who've done it and learn exactly how they did it.

If you have a yoga studio, or are starting a yoga studio, and want to learn how other successful yoga studios did it, there is a resource for you. Would you like to know:

  • how the founders of Yoga Works marketed their yoga studio when they had no money?

  • how San Francisco's Yoga Tree currently hires their teachers?

  • the biggest secrets to success from top yoga studios in the country?

If you want to get good results faster, you have to model someone who's already done what you want to do. There's a difference between hypothetical 'theory' and actual 'practice'. Being a certified yoga teacher doesn't automatically line up clients at your door. Having the best yoga space doesn't mean you can pay the bills every month. All these things must work together in community and harmony for lasting success.

You've got to analyze,understand, and model real world yoga studio businesses that are already thriving. You've got to be informed to the most effective and powerful techniques and secrets.

But here's the trouble...

Since the yoga industry are so focused on sharing their practice with the world and serving their community, they rarely publish their knowledge in books or newsletters. It's just not a priority for them, and they really don't want to get sidetracked. That means it's been tough to learn what they know.

And even if someone were willing to mentor you, how would you find them, or approach them? How would you get them to reveal their experience and knowledge? What questions would you ask? What would it cost you, in time, energy, and money? (It's getting complicated, isn't it?)

Hi, I'm Al Lipper, founder of Centered Business. Drawing on experience with dozens of yoga studio owners complied with a solid business background, I designed a manual for yoga studio owners who want to get answers from top studios. I interviewed the best yoga studios I could find and published them all in one easy to read manual.


Super Studio Manual :

I'm absolutely thrilled to be making this available to the yoga studio community! Inside, you'll find insider secrets from ten successful yoga studio owners

It's available in regular book format as well as online PDF format (for instant access).


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of what's in the Super Studios Manual

What you can expect:

All the studios were successful in one form or another. From the big-city studio in New York to the small town studio in Mississippi, from twelve studio locations to a single one-room space... they all had something to share about their success and what success really means to them.

Some of the key questions you will get answers to:

  • "What experience and resources did you have when you first opened?"
  • "What advice do you have on selecting great teachers?"
  • "How many months of expenses do you need in the bank to get started?"
  • "How do you select yoga studio space?"
  • "What do you recommend to a studio trying to increase revenue?"
  • "What are the top marketing techniques you'd recommend to a studio that is trying to expand?"
  • "How important is it to keep careful track of finances in a yoga studio?"
  • "What do you spend your time on with regard to your yoga studio?"
  • "What was the biggest mistake you learned in building your yoga studio?"
  • "What was the single greatest key to your success?"

Whether you currently run a yoga studio or are just starting to open your doors, this manual has something for you. If you have a successful studio that needs a little bit of tweaking, or need help with opening a new space, you'll find insight, answers and concrete strategies here in this manual.

What can I learn from the Super Studios Manual?

You'll learn from ten yoga studio owners what it took for them to have a successful studio. For starters, I'd like to introduce you to the founder of Yoga Works, and share with you how they...

  • grew their business with no operating capital, and how being hard-working was more important to have than money.
  • worked with four partners with four different visions all trying to be on the same page, and why they really recommend not having business partners with this kind of yoga studio.
  • evaluated teachers within one or two days of working at the yoga studio, which in turn generated a very low teacher turnover rate.
  • top qualities to look for in hiring teachers who will make the studio successful, and how to pay them a flat rate plus bonus incentives for teaching.
  • learned from their mistakes and which mistakes they wouldn't make again because they learned so much.
  • increased their income and marketed their yoga studio online, in publications, with referrals, and with their hiring strategies, all with little or no money
  • tracked their finances and used it to grow their studio, and what they recommend for growing yoga studios
  • figured out and dealt with insurance issues and concerns
  • reveal their biggest secret to success and the advice they offer to someone just getting by and striving to generate more income through their studio

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Inside The Super Studios Manual

What else can you expect?

How much would you expect to pay for this world's first yoga studio business guide from successful yoga studios? In time alone this book cost over $10,000 to produce.

But... I want every single yoga studio owner (who has a studio or who wants to open one) to have this resource at their fingertips! So, I'm offering it at the low price of $36.95, for the online version. You can download this and be reading it within minutes.

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Online PDF Version for $36.95

For International (Non-USA) CD Set Orders, please order using the link above and we will contact you for additional shipping charges.

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Bonus Expansion Pack!

To make sure you have every advantage as you accelerate your yoga studio business, I want to give you a gift of three bonus interviews!

That's additional practical advice you can start implementing today, giving you access to a total of 13 successful yoga studios!

What if you could shortcut your learning curve by learning from someone like you who's done it? If you used one new idea from this manual that generated in one new client, it would more than pay for this book. But I guarantee if you implement just a few of the ideas in this book, you'll see much greater results than you are now.

And it's risk-free for 90 days...

Unconditional Happiness Guarantee

There is no risk on your part when you order.

If you sincerely feel that the information in the Super Studios Manual is not worth the money, just send me an email within the first 90 days of purchase. I'll issue an instant refund.

All I ask is that you give the Super Studios Manual a fair try. If you've read through it, used some of the strategies outlined in the manual, and still feel it's not as you had expected, you'll get a refund.

If you want to model those who have done it before you, try it for yourself. I invite you to...

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Online PDF Version for $36.95

For International (Non-USA) CD Set Orders, please order using the link above and we will contact you for additional shipping charges.

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You don't have to have a certification, or 10 years of business experience to be successful as a yoga studio owner. Most of our yoga studio owners interviewed didn't have a business background when they started. And some of them didn't jump into it full time.

If you truly care about people, and you are willing to model success
- to use what has worked for others time and time again - then you too can use these techniques to create a very successful yoga studio!

What this manual is NOT...

Running a yoga studio is not a get rich quick scheme. It is very rare to reach $50,000 in the first year. Owning a yoga studios is a very privileged profession where you can share your passion with others and make a difference in the world, and have a profitable business after 2-5 years.

This valuable resource you are buying today is:

  • practical advice to accelerate your yoga studio business success
  • tips and strategies to ensure you get clients in a reasonable amount of time
  • a guide to navigating the complex world of running a business
  • a daily inspiration to warm you on your journey
  • a constant companion as you pursue the profession of your holistic practice

The Super Studios Manual brings you the cream of the crop.

The Super Studios Manual is instantly available online in PDF format OR can be ordered and shipped to my address, or both!

Guarantee: I understand the manual comes with a full money-back guarantee and that I can receive a full refund any time within the first 90 days of purchase if I am not completely satisfied with the Super Studios Manual.

Immediate access: You'll get access to your online PDF manual immediately. You will receive a confirmation email with the links.

Click Here to Order the
Online PDF Version for $36.95

For International (Non-USA) CD Set Orders, please order using the link above and we will contact you for additional shipping charges.

(When you click you will be taken to an order page.)

I feel privileged to be a part of this wonderful project. I sincerely thank all the yoga studio owners for giving generously of themselves, and Aurora for her tireless work in putting this wonderful resource together.


Coach Al Lipper