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Success Stories Of Yoga Business

Learn about the specific results coaching achieves through case studies.

"How Jennifer created her 'dream studio'. "

Jennifer had a dream to open her own studio . But she was working another job and didn't know the first thing about running a business. Read more...

"How Michael went from working stressful 10-hour days to finding relaxation and balance in his business."

Michael's business could not handle any more clients or make any more money than its current state. Not that he didn't need more business - it's just that he couldn't imagine working any harder. Read more...

Success Story:

"How Jennifer turned her 'dream' into her 'dream studio'. "


Jennifer came to coaching because she wanted to open her own studio. She was a Yoga instructor working part time with few private clients, as well as teaching some classes at a local yoga studio. She had a long-time dream of having a studio of her own.

At the time she called us , she was so wrapped up with other responsibilities that she found little time to do the things she dreamed about.

Jennifer felt overwhelmed with the magnitude of what would be involved in opening her own studio. There were many details she didn't know how to deal with.

She planned to open her own studio, but her plans were for "someday". Jennifer was was so wrapped up with her day-to-day activities, she just couldn't get started.


Jennifer had a vision. When she first called me to explore the possibility of coaching, she communicated her dream, her end result. And that she wasn't exactly sure of how to get there.

The first thing we did was clarify her goals and expand them . Determining what she wanted her studio to be like was the beginning. She envisioned her studio by the woods, giving clients a deeper sense of peace and connection with nature.

We then worked to determine and prioritize what exactly needed to be done, and set concrete action plans for getting Jennifer to that point.

Jennifer had week-by-week accountability to keep up with her action plans. We dealt with concrete business issues as they came up, quickly and effectively.

She got clarity and focus from coaching. She was motivated and got tools to motivate herself. One of the things Al provides is concrete business strategies and techniques. Straight coaching doesn't provide this. He gives people hiring processes, walk you through financial projections, helps work out client negotiations, and strategic business planning.


Within six months, Jennifer opened her own studio-by-the-woods and almost immediately gained clients. She feels really on top of the business . It's no longer a far-off someday dream. It's a right-here, right-now, she knows what she's doing life she's living.

Her profits have increased significantly, she has more time to work on her business and her future is looking toward getting more free time. She has recently introduced product sales to further increase her profits.

Jennifer still feels overwhelmed at times, but now she has this whole toolbox of skills to quickly get herself out of it.

Jennifer has referred more clients to us than any other client. Her referrals have been her greatest compliment to our coaching services.


Success Story:

"How Michael went from working stressful 10-hour days to finding relaxation and balance in his business."


Michael started coaching because as the owner of a moderately successful business, he felt 'maxed out' as to the number of clients he could handle and the amount of money he could make. He was stuck as to how to get to the next level. He spent a lot of his time dealing with client hassles and daily business essentials. He was not able to lead the business because he was too busy working in it.


Michael had the initiative. He called Coach Al, ready to get to work. Initially, we figured out what Michael wanted and how to get there. He found that he needed more business strategies for helping him get more money out of the business on a day-to-day basis.

We came up with a plan for him to take on larger clients, receive higher fees, get more time to work on productive parts of his business and have him spend less time on the day-to-day business hassles.

We then mapped how to structure his business in a more systematic way so he was spending time on really important things that only he could do, and delegating the rest. He learned new ways to make his time count more.

Michael also looked at which activities earned the most money for the business and focused on those. The ones that didn't earn as much, he changed them so they did earn more or eliminated them altogether.

Michael states that his greatest moments were coming up with concrete action plans for the business and executing them .


As we worked together , Michael has experienced more joy, and a real sense of satisfaction as he accomplished his goals.

He has better employees and spends less time dealing with staff issues. He's delegated tasks more effectively, and eliminated many non-productive uses of his time.

Michael has doubled his profits and increased client satisfaction. He used to spend tremendous energy on clients who only paid for minimal services, but who seemed to take lots of "extra" time. Now he works with those who pay for more services up front, gladly pay higher rates, and rarely have issues he needs to deal with.

Michael took his business to the next level. Whereas he had originally felt overwhelmed and 'maxed out', he is now excited about future potential and unlimited possibility.

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