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Mastering Life Focus Program Order Page

If you want...

  • clarity and focus in yourself, define your life vision and set a destination

  • joy in what you do everyday, even the smaller things

  • tools to turn setbacks into opportunities

  • energy and excitement as you get out of bed in the morning to start your work (on yourself or your job)

  • the skills to deal with changing your life course as they arise

  • a new sense of confidence and life-wisdom.

...then I invite you to place your secure order for the Mastering Life Focus Program today.

YES! I want to get the Mastering Life Focus Program today.

I understand the following:

The Mastering Life Focus Program is a three-CD set plus workbook which will be shipped to my address.

Guarantee: I understand the program comes with a full money-back guarantee and that I can receive a full refund any time within the first 90 days of purchase if I am not completely satisfied with the Mastering Life Focus Program.

Place your order with the link below.

Click to order Mastering Life Focus Program
for $39.95.

Note: You can now also pay through PayPal . Just order above and when you get to the final order form, just check the PayPal checkbox instead of inputting your credit card number.