Learn the best ways to open a yoga studio and make it one of the best in town with Centered Business

January 18, 2014

With their ingeniously designed yoga studio business plans and modules, Centered Business ensures that both an aspiring yoga studio entrepreneur and an existing yoga studio owner will never suffer due to lack of business acumen, expertise or experience. In addition to providing his acclaimed yoga studio manuals and workbooks Al Lipper at Centered Business works exclusively on every project with his clients. He provides an uninterrupted consultation with personalized solutions for his clients through one-on-one conversations via his online tele-classes.

It’s worthwhile to start strong with any business venture to put the business on track for success. Centered Business has been helping yoga studio businesses of all sorts and sizes to gain momentum right from the start with proven yoga studio business plans and strategies. Coach Al is not only helping yoga studios to achieve success but is also continuously observing and researching the means and methods used by super successful yoga studios to reach the top.

Based on his years of research, business acumen and a series of interviews with some of the most successful yoga studio owners, he has extracted success mantras that help yoga studio businesses thrive right from the start. His super studio manual gives the aspiring entrepreneur complete insight into how to open a yoga studio, how to manage it, and how to run it successfully from the start.

Al’s studio workbook is a collection of his most informative works, designed to help clients get the best out of their yoga studio business. Both the super studio manual and workbook can be purchased in either an e-manual format or as a physical book. So don’t wait for long to open your yoga studio business, just visit Centered Business and kick start a successful new yoga studio right now.

About Centered Business

For years, Al Lipper at Centered Business has been helping yoga studio owners make their ventures more profitable, while slowing down their actual pace of work. Centered Business has business tools designed specifically for yoga studio owners in order to help them to run a more successful yoga studio – and to do so more quickly and easily, with less hassle. Al Lipper also helps studio owners struggling to grow their businesses, while sharing his unique perspective on overcoming the stressful and overwhelming tasks of running a profitable yoga, Pilates or tai chi studio through his experiences as a leadership coach, CEO, and motivational speaker.

To learn more, please visit http://www.Centered Business or call him at (805) 544-3938.

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