It’s not how to build a successful yoga studio, it’s when you want to start it with Centered Business

February 11, 2014

The question of exactly how to build a successful yoga studio can make many young entrepreneurs looking to open their yoga business lose heart. Potential yoga studio owners can spend much time pondering what steps to take to start the studio with the assurance of sure fire success. Centered Business makes these things easier, not only for fresh start ups, but also for studios struggling to get on the right track for success and profits.

Business mentor Al Lipper has compiled extensive notes while researching the journeys of successful yoga studio ventures through interviewing their owners and key strategists. He shares this valuable information in the form of easy to follow guidelines relating to different components of the business. Al has covered all the bases: from marketing, to sales promotion, to insurance management to running a yoga studio’s finances. In addition to the success manual, he has also designed workbooks with key input from successful yoga studio owners while highlighting current trends, and recommended do’s and don’ts to keep the yoga studio business on right track for assured success.

In addition, he also provides expert consultation via his tele classes and one-on-one sessions with clients to resolve any business question or complexities that clients face. Al Lipper at Centered Business will be your constant business mentor, guide, consultant and even a partner of sorts in the success of your yoga studio business.

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